Complete Scientific Proof, Evidence, Reason and Discussion About Why God Absolutely Exists + 100 Renowned Academics Speaking About God –Answered (Must-Watch Answers!!!)

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Complete Scientific Proof, Evidence, Reason and Discussion About Why God Absolutely Exists! + 100 Renowned Academics Speaking About God –Answered (Must-Watch Answers!!!)



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Believe in God - Complete scientific proofs on why God exists!

Believe in God – Complete scientific proofs on why God exists!




  • Motivations for this video presentation
  • Introduction to possible methods for proving the existence of God
  • Cosmological arguments and scientific proofs about why God must absolutely exist
  • Sum-up and some further hints about the following video regarding 100 scientists speaking about God
  • “100 Renowned Academics Speaking About God” –Answered
  • Final conclusions about the videos shown here and everything presented on this video presentation



  • God is, was and will be always the God/creator/designer/controller of EVERYTHING( matter(particles, energies,…), time-space, different levels/dimensions of consciousness, any occurrence in any dimension/universe, etc. )
  • God is timeless(begin-less), spaceless, immaterial, infinite/limitless(Attributes and Properties cannot fully define God), unimaginably powerful, ultimate power/source, absolutely unique, absolutely eternal, has not been created and always existed!
  • God cannot be seen or heard or sensed directly, but could be understood with realities of authentic beliefs!
  • God is known through the evidences, and is described by the signs/indications!
  • God cannot be compared to human beings at all! God sees and hears, but not with eyes and ears!
  • God is close to EVERYTHING without physically touching anything, and is simultaneously far from EVERYTHING without being separated/detached!
  • God is within EVERYTHING, without being merged with anything and without being separated from anything!
  • God wills and manifests EVERYTHING, but not physically!
  • God was/existed before EVERYTHING, and nothing was/existed before God, and God will be/exist after EVERYTHING, and there will be nothing after God! (Only God is absolutely eternal/timeless, and EVERYTHING is time-limited!) Actually, existence of God precedes the time and non-existence!
  • God exists, but without the need to come into existence! (God always existed and was not created)
  • God is merciful and kind, and knew EVERYTHING before there was anything to know!


Universe model - very simple model by me - WHITE



Universe model - very simple model by me - NEWW2



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God is fair and kind - WHITEEEE



God is fair and kind


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Believe In God – Complete Scientific Proofs on Why God Exists:










This presentation is only for peaceful educational purposes, and is not to disrespect any person or any religion or belief system at all.
The people or ideas/beliefs that are mentioned inside this video presentation, are only for the sake of the conversations and discussions throughout this presentation, and no disrespect of any kind is towards any of them! We do not judge people at all, and everything we say is with all do respects!
This video presentation has referred to some videos that they had some ideas, and is not claiming any copyright for any of them, and will make clear reference to those, and so this presentation with the cited videos is very much in accordance with academic, artistic and copyright rules.
This video presentation is made based on all the academic rules for documentations and publications in the scientific community, and no plagiarism is in this presentation at all, and all the references are respectfully cited where necessary.


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